It's about time Personalized Learning became a reality

Introducing Cerebry, world’s first TRUE personalized Maths learning platform

Some say its magic, but its just AI

Designed for the next generation of Maths learners

Real-Time Question Creation

Personalized learning paths need personalized questions, only possible when you make them on the spot.

Varying To The Needs

. Real magic happens when the variance in difficulty can be brought down to infinitesimal small levels, or mega, based on student’s learning needs.

High- Fidelity Rectification

Since the questions are created by the AI, it understands which concepts go into each question, enabling granular weakness spotting like never before

How will I benefit as a Math teacher?

As a maths teacher you're committed to helping your students excel in maths and we created Cerebry to help you do that.
Comprehensive student reports
Progress reports
Actionable insights
Real-time activity reports
Task Templates
Assignable tasks from reports
Automated grading at every step
Why students love Cerebry
Many students get anxious about getting their math answers wrong. We created Cerebry to show students there’s a different way. By giving step-by-step support, students feel safe to make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately develop a growth mindset.
Adaptive technology that tailors content to where students are at

Progress checks to show students that they’re on track

Hints and next step support at every step of the solution

Micro tutorials designed to boost knowledge gaps real-time

I like how it lowers the level down for a type of question if you get it wrong. It adjusts to what you know and it slowly teaches you new things.
Student from Zobel Highschool, Manila, Phillipines

What do educators think of Cerebry?

Cerebry has really aided growth throughout my class. I feel like there are two teachers and one is available 24/7 for students! My students are able to accomplish more than they had prior to implementing the program. I was hesitant to start Cerebry, but this quickly changed when I was exposed to all the amazing things that the program offers! It has helped me truly meet the needs of ALL my learners!
Rahul Sharma, Grand Columbus School, India
Cerebry by numbers

8 years+

of R&D at NUS

10 Million+

unique questions generated

260,000 hours+

micro-tutoring delivered

Access the Power of Personalized Math Teaching