Cerebry is now remote-teaching enabled

All Maths teaching tools in one place, from live video lessons, adaptive homework exercises to daily completion reports.

See how Cerebry simplifies remote Maths teaching

Create A Class within seconds

Set up a virtual class on Cerebry for your students.

Start a video-class with a single click

Your students can automatically join the class, no need to email links to students before every class. No dealing with spam folders scenarios, just a smooth, one click experience.

Focus on teaching, not on marking attendance

Automatic attendance marking of your video-classes.

Homework exercises, benchmarked to textbooks

Topic wise homework exercises, full coverage as per your school’s Board syllabus. Designed by experienced teachers to ensure high-quality questions in line with prescribed textbooks.

Daily-homework completion reports

In a single glance know which students did not finish the homework. No collecting of homework via emails, no one-by-one checking needed.

Know which of your students are not keeping up, and where

Cerebry’s reports don’t only show who didn’t finish the homework, but also where most students in the class are struggling at. Down to the exact set of concepts.

We understand you may have more questions

Visit our frequently asked questions to clarify doubts on the why & how of adopting Cerebry in times of Covid-19

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