Who are we?

A mission-driven team of passionate engineers hell bent on democratizing education

Our Story

It started as a bold quest in an AI-lab in Singapore, one which if made possible, would revolutionize education as we know it. An 8 years long journey, to explore if the newly available AI tech stack could be harnessed to deliver the Gold standard of personalised learning. One which every learner truly deserves.

The Kickoff
Rahul kicks off his PhD at National University of Singapore, collaborating with Shubham & Prof Heinz
The Breakthrough
The team wraps up the last set of problems & the dream of Gold-standard of personalized learning becomes real
The Company
Rahul, Shubham & Rohit launch Cerebry to empower educators worldwide with this new possibility
The Launch
Cerebry launches its practice platform across 5 countries, with Singapore as the hometurf

Our Values

Each of us bring with us strong values which unite us & guide us into the future

"We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds to make Cerebry succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion. Which means we operate like a flat-organization and every idea is challenged for the best thinking to win."
Shubham Goyal
CEO & Co-Founder
"We believe that building a great company is about solving one problem after the next. If you can surround yourself with people that are truly excited to go from one problem to problem, you will achieve great things."
Rahul Singhal
"We're hungry, we're passionate, and we love tough problems and new challenges. You don't hear a lot of "I don't know how" or "I can't" at Cerebry. When faced with a challenge, we dive into the deep end. We believe in making something better, today."
Rohit Singhal
Our Team

Shubham Goyal

CEO & Co-Founder

Shubham is a serial entrepreneur having led technology teams at deep tech startups like Holmusk and Dexecure. Prior to Cerebry, he was doing research on data mining and served as an associate lecturer at NUS. With Rahul, he came up with the research that powers Cerebry and they have been working together since 2015.

Yueh Mei

Raymond Reed Baker


Ray is a practitioner & academic in the area of corporate governance, with specialization on board of director effectiveness, internal controls and crisis management. He advises public companies and start-ups, while also holding faculty positions with Hong Kong University, TongJi University and The Financial Times. Within Cerebry, Ray is helping to build an internal framework, which can scale, as the company grows rapidly.

Rahul Singhal


Rahul is the ‘brains’ behind the artificial intelligence engine that enables real time autonomous question generation across domains. When Rahul started his PhD in 2011, professors termed his idea as ‘outlandish’ and ‘impossible’. Almost a decade later, Rahul’s research work powers a revolution in truly adaptive learning in the form of Cerebry.

Han Shih Lee

Rohit Singhal


Rohit is Rahul’s twin brother and when Rahul was pursuing his PhD, Rohit was bringing India’s leading tuition centres online. He is responsible for building apps like Adda247 into an online success, and within a few months, the organisation was making more from online sales than offline. Rohit jumped into Cerebry seeing the potential transformative impact in an industry that was running on just digitising textbooks.

Our Publications

Read about our research in one of the papers published by our founders

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